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Practice Production – Update #1

By on 27 July, 2016

Lost at sea... like me right now.

Lost at Sea.

Today is the second day of Practice Production for me. Last week we met as a group and came up with the idea of a game based around the late gorilla ‘Harambe’.

As the tale of the gorilla goes, so does our game. You are Harambe the gorilla. Children are falling into your enclosure at an increasing rate, and you have to throw them back out to safety or the zookeeper will “end your tenure”.

We initially decided Unity would be the best engine to use, so I searched the asset store and found a free gorilla asset and a low poly crowd asset. These later proved to be the inspiration for our own assets that our artists would create.

Our programmers are struggling to a degree as we have been thrown in the deep end with production in engines and languages we have not encountered yet. The design and art students have both worked in these engines before and I expect presume we are up to the same standard as them to a degree, so I will have to work quite feverishly to catch up.

After speaking to some friends from the programming stream, I have come to the conclusion that Unreal Engine may be a better choice, due to a perceived low barrier to entry. The modular ‘coding’ approach has me confident I should be able to pick up the engine in minimal time.

Today I have watched the recorded class session (as I was unable to attend due to work conflicts), caught up on the discord conversations, and reviewed all the files in the Google Drive. I am having some trouble figuring out what, if anything has been done from the programming side. So I am going to err on the side of caution and start working on the engine myself.

I am currently watching some UE4 quick start guides on Pluralsight, and downloading UE 4.12.5 (and making this blog).

Will continue to report my progress here.


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