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Practice Production – Update #2

By on 31 July, 2016


Wrestling with the Beast

So last night I dove into Unreal and some Blueprint tutorials.

I started with the version I pulled from the server and immediately realised the level was a pain to traverse due to no jump functionality. I figured this should be easy and a good place to start, so I set off to add the jump function.

A couple of videos and hours later that was sorted and I was on a roll. So next thing to work on was the pick up and throw functions, which I got working well.

I spent quite a bit of time on the throw function. Making the aiming feel natural, and learnt a lot in the process in regards to how rotators and vectors work together.

I changed the model to Harambe and a lot of the hitboxes around him.

Then Trouble!

I tried to reconcile with the Perforce server but hit disaster. The files would not reconcile.

From what I can gather there must have been an upload between my get action and checking out files? Or not checking out files?

Anyway. So now I have made a backup of my work, and am pulling the current build to try and merge by hand.

Moving on…

Today is all about making the spawner for the falling people, the hitbox for when you throw them back, and the HUD and score bars and such.

On to it!


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