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Long time, no post…

By on 24 February, 2019

Long time, no post…

So it has been quite a while since I found the time to post here – but that doesn’t mean nothing has been going on!
Since my last post I have graduated from my Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development, with our major project “Jeeves: A Butler’s Tale”, which I will post on in short time.

I have also changed employment, having actually worked in the game industry now as a game programmer for a short stint with Kathy Smart Games, working on The Frog’s Princess. This introduced me to remote game dev, and quite a few programming and planning concepts that I was able to take a lot away from.

I am now working for Western Downs Libraries as the Digital Support role. This job also involves quite a bit of Game Dev related activity, such as creating bespoke interactive experiences for the Libraries, and creating and delivering Game Dev and programming courses to the public. I am also heavily involved in grant applications which I believe will serve me quite well in the future. 🙂

As for my own projects, I have started work on our ‘dream game’ so to speak. It will be a multiplayer survival looter shooter with a strong PVE and mission based element. I am currently working in ascertaining if the Unity Lightweight Render Pipeline will be adequate for our needs. The benefits the new Scriptable Render Pipelines can bring are significant, but there are limitations around support for essential aspects such as SpeedTree, and this could prove a significant deal breaker.
I am also investigating suitable networking libraries, as we need a solution that is robust, easy to implement, well supported and affordable, and most importantly, which makes the game play well. At this point the best contender appears to be Photon Bolt – which i will be experimenting with in the coming weeks.

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