Scott Purcival

Game Programmer


The Tower! Update #2

By on 15 April, 2017

The Tower! update #2   Many hours of work and many major changes to the game. It is now actually what one could classify as a *game* – with level progression, win conditions and the like. We now have game levels which increase in difficulty the higher you go, a persistent player character throughout the […]

The Tower!

By on 4 April, 2017

The Tower… post 1.   Currently a work in progress for my Cross Platform Development subject, the game is set to be a diablo-esque dungeon crawler for mobile. Take on The Tower and prove yourself to be the greatest hero of all time! Download Here! (Android .apk) Download Here! (Windows .exe) Share List

GoFarts Kart Fartin!

By on 24 October, 2016

Old Pharts in Karts A week of hard sprint down and our game is finally looking and playing like a game! With only one week left to polish (and I may have accepted the challenge to create online multiplayer…) this is our latest critically acclaimed build! Consider it as GoFarts alpha. This is a lot […]


By on 4 September, 2016

ASSteroids! So we had to make a game/demo graphical application for Maths for Games to show off our matrix library. I figured something simple would do, something like Pong, Pac-Man… Asteroids! But I didn’t wan’t it to be just an Asteroids clone bit for bit… so I got thinking… Asteroids… ASSteroids… ASS Steroids? and yeah… […]

Practice Production – Update #5 – Final Submission

By on 8 August, 2016

Ave Maria Final submission / presentation today! The team worked really hard for the last week push, and we got a great deal of features into the final submission. Not everything we wanted to, but the game shows great promise. We learned a great deal about Perforce and working as a team. The instructors seemed […]

Practice Production – Update #4 – Presentation!

By on 1 August, 2016

Facepalm. So we get into class. The guys have done heaps of amazing work to the game during the day, while I was at work, but I made my self available in discord most of the day, where possible. The game looks great, and it plays great! But it has this nagging bug where it […]

Practice Production – Update #3

By on 31 July, 2016

Finally Getting Somewhere. As the title says, we seem to be making progress. The throwing mechanic is now all sorted, the animations are working, the HUD has begun to take shape with the throwing power bar and such. I added a tree and a log to the enclosure, and I now have a spawner working! […]

Practice Production – Update #2

By on 31 July, 2016

Wrestling with the Beast So last night I dove into Unreal and some Blueprint tutorials. I started with the version I pulled from the server and immediately realised the level was a pain to traverse due to no jump functionality. I figured this should be easy and a good place to start, so I set […]

Practice Production – Update #1

By on 27 July, 2016

Lost at Sea. Today is the second day of Practice Production for me. Last week we met as a group and came up with the idea of a game based around the late gorilla ‘Harambe’. As the tale of the gorilla goes, so does our game. You are Harambe the gorilla. Children are falling into […]