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Practice Production – Update #5 – Final Submission

By on 8 August, 2016


Ave Maria

Final submission / presentation today!
The team worked really hard for the last week push, and we got a great deal of features into the final submission. Not everything we wanted to, but the game shows great promise.

We learned a great deal about Perforce and working as a team. The instructors seemed very receptive of the game and were keen to play a final version if we were to keep working on it, which I think I intend to. I just have to convince the team.

We once again had a last minute game breaking bug, as usual. I was able to leave work early and repair the player controller class fortunately.

Massive credits to the art side of the team. The game would be much less without their amazing work.


Practice Production – Update #4 – Presentation!

By on 1 August, 2016



So we get into class. The guys have done heaps of amazing work to the game during the day, while I was at work, but I made my self available in discord most of the day, where possible.
The game looks great, and it plays great! But it has this nagging bug where it refuses to save the Character Blueprint and level.


Oh, Crap.
The teachers are wanting a playable build, now. And our game refuses to compile.

We, as a team, run about in a frantic rush.
Kyle uploads the latest build and multiple team members, myself included, download and rush about trying to fix the bugs. But its unsquashable.

Somewhere in the backend, Unreal got it in it’s head that these files were not checked out, and therefore, not allowed to be changed. Even though source control was disabled.

Long story short, we struggled as a team for over an hour. The teachers struggled with us, and noone could repair the broken project.
I finally got my last version from last night to compile, and we decided it was best to work from that, and bring it back to where Kyle got us to.

At spot on 10pm the first successful build of the game finished uploading onto perforce. The project is uploading as I write this.

Perforce is the devil.

Practice Production – Update #3

By on 31 July, 2016


Finally Getting Somewhere.

As the title says, we seem to be making progress.

The throwing mechanic is now all sorted, the animations are working, the HUD has begun to take shape with the throwing power bar and such.
I added a tree and a log to the enclosure, and I now have a spawner working!
We are still to replace the spawned Faller’s mesh with the fallen children mesh, it’s currently a sphere.
Oh! And I added a sound effect to the gorilla! 😀

Overall the game is really fun to muck about in at the moment, and feels fluid and fast paced. This is good.

I have learned a lot about Unreal and Blueprints in the past 24Hrs. More than I expected. I’m finding it to be a really intuitive engine.

Left To Do:

So we have a few things left.

  • UI  – Score, Faller count, Level all need to be added to the HUD
  • Gameplay – Need to make the Faller rate and count suit the level, make the level Win and Lose conditions, Hitboxes for the thrown people.
  • Menu – There is currently no main menu.
  • Art – Still no people or faller models. This is important! Leaving this in the capable hands of our Art department 😉
  • Sound – More sounds. For running, jumping, people falling, hitting walls, person returned to crowd. Maybe make crowd panic more, the closer we get to losing the game?

But we are out of time for that now! We will see how things go at the first submission tomorrow 😀

Scott out.

Practice Production – Update #2

By on 31 July, 2016


Wrestling with the Beast

So last night I dove into Unreal and some Blueprint tutorials.

I started with the version I pulled from the server and immediately realised the level was a pain to traverse due to no jump functionality. I figured this should be easy and a good place to start, so I set off to add the jump function.

A couple of videos and hours later that was sorted and I was on a roll. So next thing to work on was the pick up and throw functions, which I got working well.

I spent quite a bit of time on the throw function. Making the aiming feel natural, and learnt a lot in the process in regards to how rotators and vectors work together.

I changed the model to Harambe and a lot of the hitboxes around him.

Then Trouble!

I tried to reconcile with the Perforce server but hit disaster. The files would not reconcile.

From what I can gather there must have been an upload between my get action and checking out files? Or not checking out files?

Anyway. So now I have made a backup of my work, and am pulling the current build to try and merge by hand.

Moving on…

Today is all about making the spawner for the falling people, the hitbox for when you throw them back, and the HUD and score bars and such.

On to it!